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The Full Story

Sunny Horizon Dairy

Sunny Horizon is an Amish, family-owned, raw dairy farm located just outside of beautiful and quaint Farmville, Virginia. Sam Lapp and his family are originally from the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Lapp family have been dairy farming for over 15 years and made the transition to organic dairy farming practices over seven years ago.

In 2018, the Lapps made the journey south to Virginia and purchased a farm to continue raw, organic dairy farming practices in Virginia. Sunny Horizon Dairy is situated on 133 acres, which includes pastures both grazing and hay. Sam, his wife Salome and their seven children are all involved in working the farm.

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The goal of Sunny Horizon Dairy is to produce the best and most nutritious milk possible. Their cows receive all their nutritional requirements from grazing in the fields, hay in the winter months and natural vitamins and minerals; never grain or antibiotics. Sam believes that it is important to work with nature to improve the soil and environment which is why they do not use pesticides or herbicides on their land. This is why Sunny Horizon Dairy's products are “Pure & Simple.”

Raw Milk
Herd Shares

A herd share enables you to enjoy the freshest, most natural milk available. Unless you have a cow in your backyard, you need a herd share to enjoy raw milk in Virginia.


At the onset, you pay an annual fee of $25 for your portion of the herd. One case of jars (six, 1/2 gal jars) per share is $18. You will need 6 jars per share. This is for the rotation between your home, the drop site, and our shelves. You will pick up milk and drop off empty, clean jars. We drop off milk and pick up your empty jars to put on our shelves until it’s time to fill them again.                      

*Now we are also offering disposable plastic jugs in half gallon size. Plastic jugs for one share is only $2.40, essentially $0.30 per jug, additional per month. 
We do all the hard work – milking, grazing, doctoring, delivering etc. For a boarding fee of just $34.50 a month, per share + flat delivery fee. It’s that simple. Your boarding fee will be dictated by the amount of milk you wish to receive each week.
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