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Jin Shin Jyutsu
JSJ is the ancient Japanese Art of harmonizing the energies of the body. We have 26 safety energy locks on each side of the body. Our hands are essentially jumpercables that help facilitate the flow of energy – optimal energy flow is optimal health. We exist on multiple planes – spiritual, mental, physical. When an EKG is performed on the heart, they are measuring electricity – every organ, every cell is electricity. We are energy.

I began studying natural health in 2004 and found Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010. It is about knowing ourselves & teaches us our health is in our hands – on every level. We have the power to choose health for ourselves & to help ourselves.


I am booking hour long appointments for Jin Shin Jyutsu-the energy work I have practiced for 10 years. A session involves you being comfortable, clothes on, on your back, with a mask on (& me in mine), shoes (& socks, if you’re comfortable) off while I hold the fingers of one of your hands, one by one, while holding your opposite toes, one by one. Very simple, yet very powerful. Our hands are jumpercables & this uncomplicated series of holds touches on 144,000 different body function energies. As a practitioner I look forward to helping you to more health. I also plan on teaching classes. If you are interested, please reach out to me. Our health is in our hands.

Cost: first visit $50, $60 thereafter, 6 pack of sessions for $360 gets a free 7th session

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