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Lyndsay & Brad Constable 

Crumptown Farm

The adventurous couple were the farm managers at Yogaville Farm in Buckingham county from 2004 to 2008. Then Brad spent a season as Crew Supervisor at Best of Whats Around in Scottsville, VA. At the beginning of 2012, after farming on other people's property for 10 years, they bought their own farm. It must be fate, because it was love at first sight when they saw the farm. Lyndsay's great-grandfathers surname was Crump, so Crumptown Farm was naturally the name. As the local story goes, whenever the country doctor had to visit the area, he said he was going to Crumptown because so many Crumps lived there. Over the last decade, through the ups and downs, they never deviated from their dream of growing the best natural produce possible.

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We Grow Everything We Sell

We do not buy anything from off the farm to re-sell or distribute to our CSA.  We are an authentic farm and CSA!  At Crumptown Farm, our passion is growing the most delicious, Organically raised,  nutritious food available using only natural methods such as cover cropping, crop rotation, IPM and OMRI approved products.

Hemp Flower Balm

We grow several varieties of CBDA Hemp from Colorado seed in our unique blend of Farm grown worm castings and Organic Alfalfa.  Next,  just the flowers are steeped for 6-8 WEEKS in Olive oil to Cold Infuse all available Turpins and Cannabinoids into the oil.  This is the main ingredient for our Balm and Oil. It creates a uniquely high quality skin balm great for chronic aches, pains and skin irritation.

Balm Ingredients: Hemp infused Olive oil, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Peppermint oil, Lemongrass oil

Oil ingredients: Olive oil, Hemp Flower

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